Sunday, February 6, 2011


I rented a storage space yesterday and sold the sewing machine and gave away the dress form, the good scratching post and a couple pieces of pottery. These went to a good friend and very sweet person who was afraid she was taking avantage since all I charged her for was the sewing machine.

I gave another couple who found themselves in my position over a year ago (before they moved here) all of my house plants. Maybe when I start my household up again in a new place I can find a kind soul giving away green living joy.

The stagers come tomorrow morning early, the woman who owns the auction house will follow and if the stagers think it's best I'll be selling everything to facilitate the new flooring and they'll stage with the furniture they use just for that purpose. If this is the case? I may be in Florida very soon, at the very latest by the end of the month. I'll have my mail forwarded and give the realtor power of attorney so I don't have to return for closing and once my address truly has changed I can apply for unemployment in Florida. IF I am still looking.

At this point I am only keeping my bed, grandma's chair (and the ottoman), dresser and bedside table, a wicker trunk, family pictures, a few pieces for the kitchen and I suppose anything the auction will not take. I am even going to bring the stereo equipment and speakers back from storage for auction.

This stupid exercise bike is killing me - I have the darn thing down to $50 and still no takers - and it's a recumbent magnetic thing than normally runs $400. Maybe I'm supposed to take it.

I have to remember to leave room for the wardrobe boxes. I always forget the space they take up. I am hoping I only have to ask Heather to drive a huge van - or the smallest truck.

My legs are covered in bruises. My hands are completely chapped from constant washing. I have no fingernails to speak of - breaking constantly probably due to the work AND nutrition. I have lost more than twenty pounds because when I do eat I feel sick. I don't recommend this diet plan.

I did sleep last night - but not well even though aided. But the more that leaves this house, the more I DO, the more I seem to be able to relax.

Buddy is still very weak. Max had spells yesterday (including what looked like a seizure)  that made me think the vet was going to be making the final visit (AUGH) and Lexi has her home visit today and I pray she doesn't come back. How anyone could not fall in love with my sweet, sweet girl, I don't know.

Thank you Mom for being there everyday. Thanks for understanding that some of these tough decisions have to be mine and thanks for your appreciation when I make them. Thanks to my friends who offer prayers, encouragement and good thoughts. Thanks for the backbone of hillbillies and steelworkers. No wussies in this bloodline.

Not one.   


  1. I'm crying. I'm soooo proud of you. Glad I didn't step on you when you were crawling around on the floor.
    Love you to pieces.