Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Unemployment Commish of NC


That helps a teeny bit. Teeeeeny tiny.

I applied at the end of December - not even the very end. I have jumped through every hoop, gone to their website every week, filled out and returned every form, emailed, answered the phone the TWO times they called to address my concern and confusion as to why I was constantly turned down when I was fired without cause (nothing like 19 billion dollars of debt to make a company downsize - but they really should start with the guys at the top - or the HR folks who couldn't be bothered to communicate with the Commission), and yet - I still got a form to fill out today asking me if my circumstances had changed.

A form they need in their bureaucratic paws by 2/18/2011 or I'm not getting a cent. I have news for you all - I haven't gotten a cent from them and they sure have spent a lot of taxpayer money making sure of that.

I need some liquid assets and I need to get out of this empty (nearly - the auction folks came a week early and are FAST) house that is no longer my home or I'm going to go nuts.

I can't even make any more pottery because it would have to be mailed to me. I gave Lori the rest of my phoenix and my alphabet stone stamps (forgive me Chris). She used them more than I did and I will miss her and Sertoma.

Randy said that I will find no shortage of studios in Florida. When I again have time to push mud around.

I also picked up my portrait. The eyes are a bit close, but it's otherwise lovely. What do you think?

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