Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Staging for Selling

You'd think I'd be close to ready... I'm not. I need to rent storage space and pack everything away.

I cannot afford new flooring or new counters, or stainless steel appliances. I am hobbled by too many pets that will be nearly impossible to hide. I have overflowed the trash cans for four weeks running and I'm still not done.

I am exhausted and not even close to being ready for a realtor. And yet, thanks to my P.E.O. sister, Deb - I have called one. A man who sold their first house in 21 days and their second in seven. And he's got a rep as a wonderful human being too!

AND he knows I am willing and able to break even... after I pay him. If it comes to that.

I will be alright. I will go back to school and waitress and not get on my Mom's nerves by talking at her while (if) I have to live with her.

I will get a job in healthcare and have a job as long as I want to work!

I will. I will always. I am strong and no one can stop me.

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