Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paint This

I'd like to... this is within the canopy of one of my grapefruit trees.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


As you can tell from the bathroom, I like water.

AND... here's the back yard.  I included a view of the back of my house from the lake.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

It occurred to me recently that worrying that I couldn’t drop off to sleep as soon as I went to bed was not conducive to actually falling asleep.

I made a decision to stop taking a bath before bed – I was feeling refreshed but not relaxed.  So I will be getting up a half hour earlier (10:30 PM) and showering – or taking a bath when I am in my house – if that ever happens.  Today we have the HVAC company checking out why the AC doesn’t seem to be working. YES! YOU HEARD RIGHT. Sheesh.

I have exchanged a half dozen emails with my contractor about who I should be paying for the windows.  The invoice has his name on it but he says it was done by another contractor and I should mail them a check.  But the address he emailed was his company – and if that’s the case, why not generate a final bill with the amount for the windows included?  I just want to be damn sure the right person gets paid.  I want more windows as soon as I can get them!  Guy (my guy) also has a few minor things yet to accomplish – shower curtain halo, light fixture, towel bar – and he has yet to be paid the remainder of what I owe him.

The painter is supposed to get me a quote for the bedrooms, bathroom ceiling, the kitchen and the great room soon. And at this point I am tempted to say, “Whatever! Just do eet! Price is no problem!.” I apparently have an accent when frivolously spending money for something I could do myself. But I decided that at this point having a pro do the job, cutting in and baseboards, and priming and painting the wood doors in the bedrooms, would be the smartest thing to do since I have exactly NO energy left. And I am a little particular. J

The energy issue: I am now getting up at 10:30 PM on Sunday (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights) and going to work at the radio station where I work from 1:00AM until 6:00AM as board op and traffic and weather… and then associate news producer - writing four newscasts for the morning team. And then? I’m off to the park, where I sleep for an hour in the back of the Element on a piece of foam about two inches thick wrapped in an old fitted sheet with an older down pillow. And I have an old travel alarm clock that used to be Dad’s so I don’t oversleep.  And believe me, it is a possibility when you’re running on fumes. This morning (day five of the routine) I actually thought about grabbing the cell phone, calling in sick, and going back to sleep. IN THE BACK OF MY CAR. That tired.  In a parking garage in a theme park – where it is never quiet and is insanely brightly lit no matter the time of day. I walk a mile to punch in and spend the day getting yelled at by people who are experiencing buyer’s remorse about the amount of money they spent to ride rollercoasters – not all of the calls, emails and letters are negative, but enough of them are to make you very tired and sometimes sad.  This goes on until 3:00PM (Friday until 4:00 PM), then I drive home – which takes nearly an hour and TRY to go to sleep. A sixteen to seventeen hour work day. With a nap. You’d think I’d be able to fall asleep easily, no?  

My nephew, bless his heart, has asked when I want to move and I do know it won’t be sooner than next weekend.  I only work at the park on Saturday so I get to sleep until 5:00AM! I then have off from 4:00 PM Saturday until 10:30 PM Sunday so I do have a bit more than twenty-four hours off both jobs.

I sure as hell hope it is next week because I really want to move in before I have to start paying the mortgage or pay for the storage facility for yet another month.

Mom made a good point last night when she said it would happen when it happened and stressing about how long things took would not help anything.  SHE’S ALWAYS RIGHT.  That was accidental but appropriate caps lock :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


Working two jobs and renovating is house is something I'd only recommend to someone I wished ill. Seriously.

The bathroom still needs the curtain halo, a towel bar and some accessories for holding soap and toilet paper.

The bedrooms, living room and kitchen need paint.  The front door and screen door need paint and screen. I do not plan to leave it all Ho Jo's (you must be older to get this - clam strips!!)

That buffet was a Craig's list find.  My contractors are very proud. More later when I don't want to stab myself with a screwdriver...

Dinner, Mad Men and bed in the afternoon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Buddy

Boris spotted him first.  I picked him up to avoid any possible unpleasantness.  The coolness of the morning made his reaction time too slow to avoid capture.

He accompanied us on our walk (in my hand) without treating me to their usual method of self-protection (peeing on me).  But, as he warmed up he started vocalizing his displeasure at being carted around in such an undignified manner.  Toads can be LOUD.

Brought him inside to get a few shots before breakfast and then put his useful bottom back in the garden at Sunnyside for more bug eating.