Friday, February 11, 2011


When I have a huge task this is something that never stops for me - the list spools out in my head and in conversations with my mother and anyone else that will listen. My mail has been forwarded. My 401k has been rolled over and an amount to cover the flooring, paint, landscaping, and cleaning should arrive Tuesday, with one business day to show up in my account. Since I will be on the road when the work starts the stagers have to have individual contractors checks in hand.

This morning I snuck around and topped off my neighbors trash barrels - pickup is today and I have an overfilled can for the fourth week in a row and could fill it three more times. I skip the families with more than one child in diapers. Obviously.

 Next week I'll ask Shannon to place it back by the house. Kenny and I should be gone before pickup. She's going to be taking on the items left in the fridge then and her lovely men and I will form a bucket line to clean out the attic today - after 2p. That will get me a few more boxes and someone in need will pick the rest up for free when I post them on Craig's. It will also save me a couple hundred dollars in contractors/cleaning. They will have enough to do! Shannon had called on Tuesday when the auction people were here to ask me to have them do it after dark because I was making her cry.

The realtor (Mandy not Mike) arrives with the lockbox today at 11:30 and then I'll run to Sertoma to glaze and pickup. The back bedroom has a cat carrier, the long rifle, the airbed and the art chest (wrap it in duct tape, keep it upright and it's good to move on its own). The 2nd contains another carrier and 2 plastic crates - one full and one ready for the guest bath contents/toiletries.

My bedroom has a bed, dresser, trunk, bedside table, lamp, phone and crates - and still way too much clothing which is being separated into "pack for use" and "pack for storage." I will put the stored clothing into trash bags - heavy duty, picking them and more tape and maybe another wardbrobe box up today - and then boxes since the facility isn't AC-ed. Clothing will go on the truck first so that it loads into storage last for access. There is a wardrobe box without a hanger we will use for bagged bedding on the final morning.

The living room and dining room still have things for pickup by auction - as does the upstairs hallway and the front porch. I add to those stacks all the time. And subtract in my head the things I feel will make living easier in the two days I am in a virtually empty house. The DVR goes to FL in my vehicle since they require the disc back. Grandma's chair, ottoman and its pillows and sheepskin stay. I'll hook the DVR up to the 15" teevee in my bedroom (on the nightstand) when the folks take the Sharp Aquos LCD on Tuesday.

I am trying to decide if I should take time next Tuesday or Wednesday (2:30p last haircut by Erin - thank goodness she had a cancellation) to go clean out the storage facility and reload that stuff into the living room - I will if I have the time. It will save Kenny and I time on Thursday.

I've removed and trashed the window coverings that were beyond cleaning/repair, laundered keepable window sheers, piled 'not horrible' sheers in the living room for wrap and pad - left some up for privacy until next week (I like layered sheers for diffused light and privacy instead of heavier draperies) and made mental note of where the rodent poison is for storage in Florida. Hope I remember!

I have crated a good portion of my bath supplies. I am appalled at how much I still supposedly NEED. It's disgusting. Clothing, makeup, "beauty" products - eesh.

I will have a 5x10' space in Florida for $25. The woman who runs the place is from Butler, PA (!) and only takes cash but promised she'd hold me a place for next Friday (they are open from 10a-1p) but she's aware we have the truck until Monday (Heather, best birthday present ever) and I have her cell in case I need to leave her a message there.

There is so much done - and yet, so much more to do and I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who've stood up and helped. And tired at 10am. Both the paid professionals and the loving volunteers. Stuff really doesn't matter or count at all. It's loving hearts and helping hands that are precious. Know that everyday. Know that we are surrounded by more love and care than we know and that it rises up to meet us when we falter. I am becoming gradually calmer and more serene. That whole money thing was huge. Thank you Uncle Mark.

Adding: Trash pickup northside of street done! SO I just ran out and filled the trash can again and dragged it across the street. Woot!

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  1. I am completly exhusted and haven't done a thing but read your blog. LOL You say you've lost wieght. I wonder why!!!