Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Julie's Beads

Raku sugar skulls, ceramic bones, prasiolite onions, labradorite facted beads, sterling silver chains and findings and sore fingers.  This piece was VERY satisfying.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tea for Two

An assignment from last handbuilding class.  I am not a huge fan of tiny teapots, but these cups are wonderful.  Mom and I used them, the feel of the rounded side and smooth reduction glaze (in iron red) in your hand is wonderful.  I would like to make some tea or coffee cups like this again, slightly larger, and with tabs instead of a traditional handle.

The tray was fired upside down to give the bottom a perfectly smooth finish for use on fine furniture.  Rough, unfinished clay off the kiln shelf can be murder on furniture.

In the latest class we've made mortar and pestle and now a candlestick.  We'll be making a garden totem next.  Normally I am not a fan of purely decorative work but I am looking forward to this next job.