Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craig's List is Exhausting

Bless the people who show up when they say they will, don't haggle when the price is rock bottom and don't waste your time acting like they're over for tea.

The people who should stay off the service include those who want you to call them regarding free stuff on the curb (the next day - let me know if it's still available - yeah no), the ones that send "Is this still available" emails with no other communication, the ones that ask if they can walk through your house looking at everything (for sale or not), the ones that send insulting emails about what they think of your prices, the ones that want to send you a big check so you can cash it and give a portion to the mover who'll be showing up on their behalf (always respond, "cash only, local pickup - be ashamed." I added that last part).

It may be the best way to lighten the load and prep for the realtor but it doesn't make me like my fellow humans a whole lot more.

1 comment:

  1. Their mothers should be ashamed. Maybe you should price higher so you can come down and let them think they are getting a bargain. Every one likes to think they have gotten a bargain.