Sunday, November 14, 2010

Terrible Awful Horrible Bad Day

After a fairly terrible, awful, horrible, bad, couple of weeks!

I came home from Tarjay - my first outing since I came home from work on Monday, early, got into bed and stayed there until... well, yesterday; I took a bath. I had some awful flu that had me feeling like a truck ran over me, backed up, and repeated the process just for good measure. For four days. From 103.9 at one point I pretty much hovered at 101 until Friday morning when I got a couple of hours of 100 before it spiked again.

So the pantry was pretty much depleted. At least there are no more cans of soup that I should have eaten months or years ago. ; )

I went to Target and sternly reminded myself I didn't need more cheap clothing and stocked up on broth, soup, cat litter, teepee, and other staples (saving $21 in coupons!! WOOOOT. I humbly beg forgiveness from the three people who were asked to go to other lines as they were scanned.), and came home. Record time for a good haul. About an hour door-to-door.

The grocery stashing was taking place and I was fixing pot roast (a huge chuck roast was $5.33 - no way I could pass up this chance at the soul of comfort food cheap on a cold November night while still fluish) when I felt a cold chill down my spine.

It was the fracking ceiling dripping down the back of my neck

I had told Mom that the water heater was looking iffy lately with moisture in the drip pan. But do I call someone in right away? Hell, no. It has a drip pan and an outflow hose! It'll be fine. I'm sick. It can wait.

It didn't. It was gushing. The amount of sturm und drang in this house today! Did you know sticking a paring knife through wet drywall is harder than you think? Do you know they make a patch for that abomination? Why patch something hideous that shouldn't exist in the first place?

Thank goodness for RotoRooter. Out of all the plumbing outfits I have used as a homeowner (this is house #3), they have NEVER failed me.

More as my strength returns. I must now swoon into the recliner and listen to the small hero in my attic drop things.

He's been here since before noon. Bless his heart. Bless his mama.

May his children grow up to make him very proud.

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