Sunday, November 7, 2010


So we not only had frost last night (two weeks ago it was mid to upper 80's) it froze! Yesterday morning I spent almost 4 hours in the freezing drizzle at the Free to Breathe 5k wondering if they were going to put me in the hospital for an entirely different lung condition. The fish are very slow in the pond and the dogs keep looking at me like "are we going to go now?" The look I get when we don't walk our three miles in the morning.

I will go to Sertoma today if only to get out of the house and get some grocery shopping done.

And after more than two years - it may even be three - bluebirds are finally checking out the bluebird house. A titmouse had a clutch in there the Spring before last but I've cleaned it out since then. I will have to get some seed and try again for a picture. I'll mix in some dried mealworms - they prefer bugs.

They are so shy and so fast and the camera batteries are charging as I watch them check out the nest box right now. 

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