Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Earrings - Piece(ez?) 3

I am going to miss this class. I have fairy opals coming which will involve wrapping and beading and I bought a beautiful cabbed labradorite that I will make a setting by riveting wire to hold it to a fine silver frame and suspend from its points (it's a triangle - the one that's not equilateral - isosoleze? stoopid math) from a chain. I love making pretty things.


  1. YES! The jump rings should be WAY smaller but I was sick - and tired. So there. : )

  2. These are beautiful and you HAD to know I'd love that texture!!!!! Lovelyloveylovely!!!!!

  3. Ya think your organic textures had an impression on me a little bit? : )

    Thanks beautiful! XO

  4. And now my bestie will sport them proudly! Rock them pink topaz teardrops Christina!