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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost Back to Full Strength and Fiesty

Honestly I don't believe I've been that sick since childhood and comments from old or very sick people are suddenly something with which I can empathize. The "Why have I outlived my friends? Why won't God take me," kind of comment. I haven't quite gotten there but I sure felt like I'd outlived my tolerance for teh sick. I didn't really start to feel better until I told the boss on Thursday morning that he should NOT count on me until Monday.

And then Sunday the water heater burst. Sheesh. At least I was home! Builders who think the attic is a good place for this appliance should face a firing squad. Too Harsh? : ) server:

It was wonderful to get back to Sertoma and clay yesterday. I handformed a bowl and spent a large amount of time in the glaze room. Then I went to Bloom Skin Spa and had an aeromatherapy massage (at a bargain rate - you gotta love coupons).

I almost feel human this morning.

Here's Jillian's bowl and a crudite server: