Friday, November 5, 2010

I LOVE Buddy

You know this - he knows this.
Here's another reason why. I felt SO bad last night I figured he could sleep with me because he gets stressed when I am sick and he doesn't get to be nurse.
His bed manners were perfect all night - next to hip, purring, an occasional adjustment, but otherwise still, warm and comforting. Until 5a. When I normally start to stir and prepare to get up. Well, not happening. I am SICK. Feel like I'll fall over when I bend over. At least the cold will be over for this year.
Anyway, he starts the "whisper-meowing" around five and I figure he can wait until 5:30a and I'll let him out when I go downstairs to let the dogs out - bless them too this week with their prompt elimination - and after a few more quiet meows he settles down. Nothing is more endearing than a Siamese who goes "meow."
Then: "yak yak yak." For some reason the sound of vomit rouses me and I open the door and let him out. Just a bit of fluid, NO food. Drop a rag and step on it... Hmmm. I smell poo.
Crap, the dogs haven't made it. Put on the slippers, go downstairs, let them out, clean litter boxes, feed cats, let dogs back in, feed them, open computer and answer emails and send one to Chris saying "coming in later, feel like death." Heh. But I do! Let the dogs out again after their breakfast and it occurs to me that they haven't messed their crates. Hmmm. Why did I smell poo?
Batten the hatches and prepare to crawl back into bed until 11a (last possible moment to still be on-air in Raleigh at 2p - that is if I want to be clean, dressed and made-up) plus I have Albany Saturday night to track, "live" spots to produce for Monday morning's Live appearance in Apex (am), which will mean I have to leave the house no later than 6:15a. Sucks to be me right now (moneymoneymoneymoney).
Have arrived back in the boudoir and yes, the smell of poo is still in the air - and pretty strong too. Step on the yak rag once more for good measure and follow my nose into the walk-in closet with dread in my heart. Things have not been put away with German housewife like efficiency lately (HELLO! I HAVE BEEN SICK IN CASE YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION), so I am concerned at what I will find - poo-smeared velvet or silk? Please let it be a lowly t-shirt.
Way more better. My most excellent Buddy has crapped on a clear plastic Clinique Beach tote. Nowhere else. Very loose, obviously not something he could have "held." But on the closest thing to a litterbox he could find.
And now I know who else needs a sulfa drug for the outbreak of coccidia we've been dealing with since Mini moved in. I'm guessing we now know she's the carrier too.
Crap. ; )


  1. Sweet, sweet Buddy........meow.

  2. Such a pretty cat and a wonderfil nurse.

  3. Here's the thing: I think he was so upset about pooing in the closet that he threw up.