Monday, January 3, 2011

Where It's At

Panicking is exhausting so I "do."

Consequently I now have an audio webpage and about a gazillion resumes and cover letters out. I had a phone interview this morning which lead to an in person being scheduled for Wednesday in Sanford. It's an two-hour round-trip drive for a morning gig that's part time and doesn't offer health insurance. Speaking of, I need to contact State Farm to get catastrophic but keep putting it off. This is the issue that really paralyzes me. Lalala I'm healthy, no that's not a toothache!

The groaning noise my wheels make on a hard turn "can't possible be because of our tire rotation" said the dude at Discount Tire, and in one swell foop he lost the chain my business. As my mechanic said, "the response should always be - bring it in and we'll look at it. Even if they have to say - this is beyond us and you need to see someone else - no charge!"

I'm going to see him Tuesday at 9am so I don't end up stranded somewhere in the sandy hills of rural North Carolina.

Emailed a couple of people at the former home of employment regarding getting more audio on a jump drive - since my computer can't seem to recognize anything on the CDs I have as MP3s. My Ops manager will get a jump drive after my car appointment - pray for me it's just differential/power steering fluid.

I talked to a nice collector of a man (Mr. Ellington) who reponded to my Craig's List posting about downsizing and he was very understanding about me needing to have a neighbor present if he wanted to check out my stuff. I'll ask Rod if he can be available if I decide to go ahead with selling some collectibles and furniture. Mr. E suggested I not totally discount an estate or tag sale even if it would cost me 30% of a pittance. Not to mention the unutterable sadness that would come from getting the stuff they didn't sell back. Talk about rejection!  

Mr. E also says that this is a very sad time we're living in and it reminds him very strongly of the depression. How do people with less love and support in their lives make it through times like this?

Bless every one of you. Your love lifts me.


  1. That's a really good way of getting it off your chest. Hope it helps. Remeber you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I love you. Buddy needs the vet again and Boris seems to have a sore mouth. Dentals can be more than 2 weeks pay. I contacted Steph at the Rescue and asked if they can help - maybe a payment plan.