Friday, January 7, 2011


I feel so at peace. I know I made the right decision when I sold the record collection to pay the vet. Because now I know.

My Buddy may have lymphoma - it would explain his digestive disorders and his lack of response to antibiotics. And the way his intestines feel to her - ropey and thin. He may also respond to more meds, so we're trying that. But in no way will I put him through massive doses of steroids or anything else extreme if the outcome is inevitable. He is my favorite fur person and always will be.

Boris has either a ruptured or slipped disc in his neck or he's strained or pulled something - we're hoping it's the latter... but if five days of aspirin and rest don't do the trick he will have to start steroids.

"You don't mess around with discs," says the good doctor. His teeth look good. Hallelujah. So do Buddy's for that matter.

So it's not great news and could even be considered really bad news but I think The Beatles and The Who and all the rest of that lot would understand.

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