Monday, January 17, 2011


I find it in sunshine. Even a partly sunny day promises Spring soon. In a longer walk with 2 healthy dogs - thank goodness! In a siamese who looks at me with love and purrs even as he seems ever skinnier.

In the love of my sisters who are convinced greatness will rise out of this fear and turmoil. In everything about P.E.O. From offers of their husband's help in fixing my house to sell. And from fixing my hose reel/hanger myself!

In calls from a man who was a stranger last week, with the names of more people who might want to buy art and collectibles. A man whose kindness comes from fellow-feeling not any sense of profit.

From an invitation to model for life drawing - two and a half hours to meditate and earn $35! Comfort is all ten fish surviving several hard freezes and eating well today, and a russet Carolina wren so full of life and attitude at my full feeders.

I find comfort in knowing that shopping at Trader Joe's isn't an indulgence. That it saves me money over Walmart (and makes me feel better).

Comfort is knowing I will prevail and the grief will pass. Comfort is a mother who calls me everyday.

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  1. Really good essay. You hit all the good stuff. Keep on keeping on, and fake it til you make it. I used both of those at one of the hard points of my life. Love you.