Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living in the Now

For anyone who hase been in radio a LONG time, these things will be familiar: carts, air checks on cassette (a "skimmer" would turn the cassette on when the microphone was turned on so you could just tape yourself and the end and beginning of things like songs, commercials and newscasts), and pie chart "clocks" that we'd rely on for what to play when and what we talked about when.

Back in the day when we still spun vinyl - then music on cart (looked like eight-track tapes with a hole for the wheel that drove the continuous loop of tape through the machine) - back in the day when disc jockeys were live on the air instead of pre-recorded or tracked. Back in the day radio stations had MANY disc jockeys (one every four or five hours), but usually only a couple made enough money to avoid a real job! Technology has brought us a lot and yet has taken away even more. May there be people left who still want to do this when there are owners who want to do it the way it really works and matters.

They picked up the trash today and I filled it to the top again! I can remember the past without living in it.

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  1. Wow, I am sooo proad of you. You're a good example for me.