Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Put it All Together, it Spells...

First day back at work after three days off:  I asked Mom to google the going rate for an hour and a half of therapy she gave me during the drive home tonight.

A task I was given at work has been surrendered - as a creative person I had been asked to come up with, and direct, ideas for a bulletin board which changes quarterly (at least). I did. Today I was told by someone NOT involved what the new direction was. First thing in the morning. Before I punched in. And not in any way diplomatically.

Dear lord. It's all yours... and thank you for the reprieve.  Asking people at a call center to do more than color a line drawing is apparently TOO creative.  My idea was a mash-up - those who wanted to color a line drawing could have still managed by cutting and taping a couple of them together.

I told Mom I should be happy the Universe took this off my plate.  I had wanted a task that would expand my skills, not shove the existing ones into a tiny shoebox.  You want to "color?" Have at it. I personally could never stand staying within the lines.

I then took a call from a woman in the Midwest somewhere about how her precious angel couldn't get on her favorite ride and, "what are you going to do for her?"  There was a medical emergency on the attraction in question.  It's very serious.  It may have an outcome none of us would wish for any family. 

Today, I am disgusted by humanity.  AGAIN.  But my mother's amusement at the telling, and compassion for my ability to get up and do this day after day without driving into a bridge abutment is sustaining.

What would we do without mothers?

And it's a damn good thing I do not know what the day will bring while driving to work.  Bridge abutments hold no appeal on the way home.  Thank G*d.

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