Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We are so connected. I have taken a vow to continue to make them. To build them. To shore them up.  As a last resort I will invent them out of good intentions in the face of anger.

This morning a person who has given me encouragement by being... themselves, shared a bit of artistic expression on her blog that took place far from me - and her.  At the work place of another fine woman. I woman I know fairly well through our shared profession.  We have many friends in common, we do know each other.  They don't know each other.

I sat in front of this amazing screen.  Two degrees of separation.  If that.  Women geographically far apart.  Of different generations.  All touched by the same work of art in the same way and linked to one another simply through a love of art and this odd hive machine.

You know, radio used to do this within the same block, town, even region.  Radio, your ass has been kicked.  This is so much more.  And less.  It's far more intimate, tiny and cozy and warm.

And ass-kickingly HUGE.

We are all connected.

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