Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Wow (Spoiler Alert)

While reading the books, I assured my best friend that Snape was a double agent and really a good guy. I just knew it. And it had little to do with the fact he was being played by one of the leading lights of the U.K.'s stage and screen. Or that I adore Rickman's acting - whether his character has solemnly sworn he's up to no good, or is behaving heroically in a period piece. He's just really, really good. And he was not alone.

Tonight I feel sorry for every actor that didn't get to strut their stuff in Jo's allegorical epic battle of good and evil. The ending was perfect.

For one of the few times in my life I truly feel the movie was as good as the book (and the movie in my head).  

The audience in the theater laughed, sobbed, gasped, cheered, sniffled, "awwwed," and finally, applauded.

May we be judged not only on the quality of this tale and the faithful telling of it, but on the way it was embraced and celebrated by an otherwise self-indulgent age.

Bravo, Mr. Potter. Bravo, Jo Rowling.


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