Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Day of Summer

Just redonk to even think it in Florida where we've had so many hot days in-a-row that we've been on "20's" before lunch for more than two weeks.

For those who've never worked outside at a theme park, that means our sets are shorter SO WE DON'T DIE. :)

I was off yesterday. I traded my Monday for Wednesday with Whitney - bless her - because she wanted it off and Wednesday is my favorite day at work. It's right in the middle of the guest's vacation and they're in a good mood - and too far away from the folks trying to cram fun into a long weekend (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri). Everyone seems to be in a happy frame of mind.

I had my second pottery class last night and you all would not believe it but I was the quietest person in class. I am so happy to be working clay again. We got a peek at the student exhibit and it was WONDERFUL.

Because of class I've asked for the next 6 Tuesdays off too. I get home after 10:30p and it takes me a bit before I am ready for sleep (after midnight) so getting up at 5am is just too awful to be contemplated.

I did sleep in until 8:30 this morning (oof!) so didn't get on the mowing until 9 was well established. I really wouldn't mind the chore if not for the damn pull starter on the thing. And it's way heavy compared to my old electric Lawn Hog - oh, how I miss you. I still have a sprained wrist.

Cabbage Patch then for Tupelo, tomato, greens, olive oil and a Ruellia for Mom's yard - I love the color and know she will too. They spread and are very easy to care for. I'll put it in by the walkway near the swath I hope to mulch when I'm less tender in the right paw.

Then to the West Indian Grocery for naan, plantain chips, garlic (FREE), and an enormous local free range chicken. It was the smallest one she had. It is over ten pounds so I will be eating chicken for a week. It's in the oven with our rosemary under the skin and the spice rub and sea salt on the outside.

I am sorry for the post paucity but the job has been kicking my behind - combine the physical exertion with the temps and I am pretty much good for nothing but the thousand yard gaze when I hit home. Sunday was lovely though at Islands of Adventure with two of my favorite guys: Beetle and Zero.

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