Friday, March 4, 2011

Val's Bowl

This started as a thin square of Highwater redstone to which I attached myriad coils and small smooth balls of clay, shaped carefully to be sturdy at the corners and dried very slowly (2 weeks plus) to prevent cracking or warping. The coils took probably about eight hours to form and apply.

I used an square plaster form - with rounded corners - and left it on the form for 48 hours, but it was very well wrapped.

While it didn't crack anywhere, and it was flat when bisqued, the glaze firing still warped it and it rocks slightly on its feet - four tiny brioche shaped coils on each corner. I told my aunt to put felt on the feet to make it level and keep it from scratching her beautiful granite countertop.

I wanted to call to mind the iron railings on the porches of New Orleans and thought of savory steaming rolls wrapped in Battenburg lace. But the tomatoes look beautiful too.

I cannot wait for Julie (love you sistah) to send me the rest of my Sertoma pieces so I can post them here.

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