Friday, December 31, 2010

I Love My Family

May your holiday have provided the same kind of love and strength that mine did.

Not to mention the incredible food. Food is such a comfort - and when it's THIS good it's an art form.
It may not be such a good thing that we love to eat so much.

Mother's secret homemade rolls, stuffed tenderloin of pork, the best potatoes gratin ever, roasted carrots, fennel, and parsnips, mac and cheese (gratuitous next the the taters - really), apple, cranberry, walnut jelled mold, praline pound cake, apple cranberry pie, cookies and ice cream and fabulous wine and munchies. 

Kenny takes after his namesake - my father - and sleeps it off.

Sara and I shoot each other simultaneously while Lexi looks on.

Harley kisses Heather. "Just a leetle one my pretty! Your breath - it is delectabuhls!"

My girl loves her aunt.

And thanks for all the therapy and love Mom. I will see you soon. May 2011 bring you and yours love, balance, grace, challenges and joy. Mine will probably involve lots of cardboard. Again. If it brings me much closer to this bunch, I'll suck it up and deal.

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