Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Raku Crew

Raku is firing bisqueware to 2000 plus degrees until it glows red and then literally smoking the glazed pots in sawdust, newspaper, leaves (flamable material) while reducing the oxygen. That's why you see the potters working in teams here to cover, completely, the red hot, flaming pots. It can result in cracks and burns and all sorts of excitement. It can also result in some of the most metallic and interesting results. It's decorative and not food safe. But it sure it fun. Here you see an unsuccessful result:

Janice at Sertoma didn't think so - even the blown out wall looked good to her, so it has a happy home!


  1. That is nice and would be nice for a dried arrangement.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!
    Raku fired pottery is so earthy and beautiful -- and from what I hear, it's always an adventure!