Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Christmas Garden

Rose, various butterfly and hummingbird blooms, a squash blossom, camellias, a purple kohlrabi, and more...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Apology

Sometimes my family members or very best friend are the only ones I can interact with. These past two plus years have been a very hard row to hoe.

Dust Bath

A thrush. They are very shy and seem larger here in Florida than in other areas.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I could die happy, writhing in misery, drowning in my own bodily fluids, IF I COULD LIVE AS A POTTER.

In short, I don't care about the dangers of silicosis, the possibility of starvation, the lack of health insurance. I would even revel in the failures. The spectacular disasters, with slumped shapes ruining kiln shelves, costing hundreds of dollars! The subtle, snarky jibes about your babies at "festivals." The compliments from non-buyers.

But then there's the other me. Stupid bitch thinks we need to pay the mortgage and have a lovely, safe haven. Oh, EFFF me.

Torn between two truths.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Put it All Together, it Spells...

First day back at work after three days off:  I asked Mom to google the going rate for an hour and a half of therapy she gave me during the drive home tonight.

A task I was given at work has been surrendered - as a creative person I had been asked to come up with, and direct, ideas for a bulletin board which changes quarterly (at least). I did. Today I was told by someone NOT involved what the new direction was. First thing in the morning. Before I punched in. And not in any way diplomatically.

Dear lord. It's all yours... and thank you for the reprieve.  Asking people at a call center to do more than color a line drawing is apparently TOO creative.  My idea was a mash-up - those who wanted to color a line drawing could have still managed by cutting and taping a couple of them together.

I told Mom I should be happy the Universe took this off my plate.  I had wanted a task that would expand my skills, not shove the existing ones into a tiny shoebox.  You want to "color?" Have at it. I personally could never stand staying within the lines.

I then took a call from a woman in the Midwest somewhere about how her precious angel couldn't get on her favorite ride and, "what are you going to do for her?"  There was a medical emergency on the attraction in question.  It's very serious.  It may have an outcome none of us would wish for any family. 

Today, I am disgusted by humanity.  AGAIN.  But my mother's amusement at the telling, and compassion for my ability to get up and do this day after day without driving into a bridge abutment is sustaining.

What would we do without mothers?

And it's a damn good thing I do not know what the day will bring while driving to work.  Bridge abutments hold no appeal on the way home.  Thank G*d.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Downtown Farming

My first straw bale raised bed. I got lucky with the straw, these are older and done with the initial hot decomp. I picked them up at the Equestrian Center downtown.

A man that works there on the weekend is stopping by later to look at the backyard.  I want to fence part of it before getting chickens.  I am getting chickens.  The last time I got eggs, mine were fine but the dozen Mom got seemed less than fresh - I'm of the opinion that this supplier collects when she feels like it so they may be sitting in the nest longer than optimal.

I was expecting to get three girls (five-six weeks) last weekend but that was a disastrous waste of gasoline. The man who was making the coop suggested we meet in a town nearly an hour away at a particular business that shared an address with a stretch of desolate nothing.  Whatever halfwit that thinks the east and west portion of the same county road can be separated by miles of other roads and several doglegs has a lot to answer for - I had GPS but left my phone at home so I was a half hour late and he didn't wait.  Then I was late meeting the woman with the chicks.  She didn't wait.  I understand not wanting to travel TO your customer if they're a good distance away.  I can't understand not knowing they may have an issue finding you and hanging around - OK, a half hour is a long time.

The killer? The man who made the coop has a delivery fee and I was willing to pay it - but he decided that it was too far to drive.  I'll shop closer to home from now on.

In this first bed: three Cherokee Purple tomatoes, nasturtium, watermelon and yellow squash seeds.  I'll put some more beds in the backyard.  In the mix, mulch on the bottom, over the grass, garden or topsoil and Black Cow.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Down - 4 To Go

Scrub oaks in the backyard are keeping other trees from flourishing and are impeding my view. Two succumbed to my chainsawonapole.

Here's the pile for the city to pick up. I wish I had a chipper.